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An offering tailored for today’s enterprises and academic institutions in the Arab world. A wellness and mental health solution accessible anywhere with content from globally renowned meditation teachers in various Arabic dialects.

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NŪR for Business aims to create a healthy and balanced environment to boost creativity and productivity at work and schools by guiding employees and students into a centred, creative and passionate state of mind. Contact us for more information on our app content and tailored workshop programs.
Trust your body and psyche more and more and that’s how you’ll gain your power. It’s a process of un-brainwashing yourself.
Susan Kaiser Greenland
The situation we’re in now keeps me up at night. No one’s talking to each other, they’re talking past each other, hand-wringing and finger-pointing. Everyone’s nervous system is jacked up, everything they do jacks it up further.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Hearing about meditation from a western-trained Indian scientist really got those women empowered to say ‘I can have this practice available to me day-to-day while managing my kids, my family, my profession.
Kristin Neff
Activism burnout is a real thing, compassion fatigue is a very real thing, secondary trauma is a very real thing, and I think that as women, in general, we’re raised to be really great caretakers, but we’re horrible self-caretakers.

Mental Health in The Workplace

Experiencing early burnout
Employees who are experiencing exhaustion, an early sign of burnout, report that workplace stress was affecting their mental health.
Affected by stress
Employees report that their workplace stress affects their mental health
Do not feel safe
Employees feel that their empolyer does not provide a safe environment for empoloyees who live with mental illness.
Affected by stress
Employees felt emotionally drained from their work.
Increase in
Employees report that their workplace stress affects their mental health
Decrease in absenteeism
Employers who implemented meditation programs for their employees saw an 85% decrease in absenteeism.
Profit increase
Businesses with meditation programs for employees experienced a 520% profit increase.
Marked improvement
Employees experiencing anxiety in the workplace showed marked improvement upon practicing meditation.
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